Friday, June 16, 2006

random thoughts on a Friday afternoon

Dull day so far. Gorgeous day. But all the same I’ve been a little bored all day.

I want to play. Be with people. smile, hug, chuckle, be still sitting on grass with my knees to my chest and breathe in the fresh air in the sunlight. Ahhh, sounds nice. But I do want to play. Where are my friends? One of those moments I wish I could retrieve my childhood and call up friends to play a quick game of kick the can in the neighborhood.

I really like it when the shadows of the leaves dance on the white fence outside my window. So dreamy. I could stare at that for hours and let my mind wander. That’s the very reason I need to get up and get moving or my whole day will be held within all feeling thoughts. Not that feeling thoughts are bad, but they do tend to suck up more time than they really deserve.

So play time. Make up!... I want to be a sparkle in God’s eye. I’m ready now to change aspects of my life in order to be in closer union with Him. I hope it works. I wonder if it will… Ok, fine. No play right now. But maybe soon. :) I will hope for that. I’ll run outside on the grass with my dog perhaps. Hmmm. So anyone want to play a guitar and sing with me? :) You know you do!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Do I need to post a blog in order to see my blogspot?? This whole thing is very confusing to me. I blame it on Chris, since I really just got a blogspot thingy so I could comment on his. Ummm... I feel like a little girl with loose blonde pigtails, standing in an empty forest or a plain and looking blankly in a circle wondering where to walk next and thinking that there are secret hiding places all over, but I have not found them yet.

So where do I go from here? I'm really not sure, so I think bed will be the answer.